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Our People

Welcome to Black Mountain Wealth Advisors, an independent wealth and investment managment company. We founded BMWA to help provide clients with what we have found in our experience to be what they desire most: risk-adjusted returns and exceptional client service. Our firm has two executives: Greg Schulte, Managing Director and President and Greg Birrell, Chief Investment Officer. We offer a combined 30 years of experience working for well-established Wall Street firms where we played key roles in offering a wide array of tailored investment strategies and suitable products that fit within those strategies. We bring the experience of a Wall Street firm with the energy and talent that comes from innovative and specialized investment advisors. The investment approach of BMWA is non-traditional in nature when compared to the approach of the prototypical financial advisor who is reactive to the market and acts as a pure asset allocator. Through painstaking research, BMWA strives to adjust portfolios proactively to meet current market conditions in order to maintain client net worth and take advantage of opportunities. Our combination of tactical and strategic strategies utilizes many different investment solutions, from traditional equities, fixed income, mutual funds and ETFs, to non-traditional alternative investments, including managed futures, private equity and market neutral strategies.

We have partnered with Berthel Fisher & Co. Financial Services, Inc. and National Financial Services, a Fidelity Company to provide our clientele with sound execution and a high level of asset custody protection.